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Learn Chinese culture and tradition while you quickly learn Mandarin.

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Our unique language program provides a comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture. Teaching language and culture together to heighten understanding.

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Office Etiquette

While each office has a certain way of doing things. There are some sweeping norms that are incorporated everywhere. Learn more about these with The Jing.

Social Situations

It can be embarrassing to make a mistake in a social situation. The Jing helps you understand some of these, so you can avoid the same blunder when with Chinese friends.

Mass Transit

Beijing mass transit moves more than 10 million people each day. Understanding options is an important part of daily life that The Jing explores.

Chinese Culture Spans Back
Through 3,600 Years Of History

China has one of the oldest continuous cultures in the world. It harmoniously blends ancient customs with modern amenities into its vast and varied geographic expanse. This diverse and unique culture has helped shape the world for millennia.

Did you know???

  1. China is the home to all pandas, which are rented to other countries.
  2. Ping Pong is China’s National Sport.
  3. China, despite being the 4th largest country, has only one timezone.
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