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We believe in having fun in learning! Why not learn Chinese while you are enjoying our originally created sitcom series - The Jing!

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TV Series

“The Jing” is an original sitcom series created by Mandarin9, with simplified Chinese to help improve listening and speaking skills, all while serving as entertainment for your Chinese learning journey.




World-Class Teachers

Affordable lessons with our trained tutor team. With our lessons, you can practice intonation, pronunciation & dialogue. Schedule with one of our trained tutors for a private or small group lessons on Zoom. This is ideal for beginners and advanced learners alike! All tutors are professional native Chinese speakers and will customize your lessons to your current language level.

Radical Textbooks

We cover everything, from tones and pronunciation, Pinyin and Hanzi, vocabulary, grammar, conversation, and culture. 12 Volumes to help you master Chinese systematically with ease. They contain practical dialogue and follow the standard curriculum based on HSK.



"My friends told me it could take me years, decades even, to learn Chinese. But here I am three weeks in and I already feel comfortable with some basic conversations."

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- Kerry S.


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Try the first month for only $5.00