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Chinese Language Program

Learn Mandarin Chinese With Mandarin9 In Your School Or Institution.

We offer a comprehensive program to aid in your student's Chinese education including:

The Jing TV Show

A sitcom series original created and produced by Mandarin9. Integrating the life and culture of Beijinger's, the customs and culture of China, and current social situations. 

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Workbooks with Videos

12 Volumes will help you master Mandarin Chinese systematically. They each contain practical dialogue and follow the standard curriculum based on HSK.

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Online Tutoring

We provide affordable video conference lessons in private and small group settings so you can practice perfecting your intonation with a native speaker.

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Ideal for K-12, Universities, and Language Institutes


What You'll Get:

  • Curriculums Based on School Calendar
  • Curriculums Based on Different Students' Level
  • Training for Chinese Teachers
  • Online Chinese Tutors From Chinese Universities (As Request)
  • Special Membership Discount for Student-Group Buy
  • Student Evaluation and Study Reports
  • Summer Camp

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With all needs being different, we would like to discuss yours with you. This way we can assure you get everything you need to learn Mandarin.

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