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Learn Chinese while watching our entertaining sitcom,

The Jing.

Learn With The Mandarin9 Episodes Of “The Jing”

The series follows Will Hanson who is starting a new job in Beijing… “The Jing”. While Will knows the Mandarin language, he is mostly unfamiliar with Chinese culture. We get to watch as he creates some faux pas, and you will get to learn about some of the cultural norms in The Jing.

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Learn At The Same Time!

Multiple Speakers

Listen to multiple speakers as you learn new words and phrases with our original sitcom of 73 episodes.

Experience Culture

Learn Chinese culture as you follow along to real-world situations. Currently streaming 4 full seasons of language, catchwords, Hutong culture, and more!

Written Companion

Quickly access the written companion to reference new words or phrases. The fun and easy way to learn Chinese. 

Funny & Educational

Each episode teaches new grammar and vocabulary in context as the characters go about their day. Teaching language and culture together to heighten understanding.

The Jing Companion Workbook

Build And Increase Your Daily Phrases Quickly

The written companion is based on the script of The Jing, with new words and dialogues written in Hanzi, Pinyin, and English. There are also QR codes that link to companion audio files for better and accurate pronunciation.

With the new words and grammar notes clearly marked, students will be able to quickly and efficiently reference their materials to make the most of the time they spend with “The Jing.”

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Meet The Cast

Follow the trials and triumphs of these coworkers as they navigate professional life in Beijing, all while learning valuable language and cultural lessons. 


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