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Interactive Education, Comprehensive Understanding

Textbooks & Video Lessons.

Gain A Comprehensive Understanding Of Mandarin Chinese.

We cover everything, from tones and pronunciation, Pinyin and Hanzi, vocabulary, grammar, conversation, and culture. 12 Volumes to help you master Chinese systematically with ease. They contain practical dialogue and follow the standard curriculum based on HSK.

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Learn Pinyin And Hanzi With Ease.

Perfect your intonation
with Pinyin

The tonal aspect of Chinese is the difference between an umbrella and a break-up. The same sound, but different intonation.

Understand spoken words
and written Hanzi

Once you can read Pinyin and speak it with one of the four tones, connecting to the Hanzi is easy. (Lí -   梨   - Pear)

Connect the word
sounds to the meaning

Knowing that lí is a ‘pear’ or sǎn means ‘umbrella.’ It’ll become easier the more you engage with the materials.

Cultural Facts about China

There are many interesting things to learn about China and its culture. As you progress through the lessons you’ll learn not only facts, but customs and how to act in certain social situations.

HSK Based Curriculum

Build And Increase Your Vocabulary Quickly

The written companion has new words and dialogues written in Hanzi, Pinyin, and English, as well as QR codes that link to companion audio files for an even greater learning experience.

With the new words and grammar notes clearly marked, students will be able to quickly and efficiently reference their materials to make the most of the time spent with each of the video lessons.

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