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Chinese Language Program

Learn Chinese the easy way with online learning, videos, and our original sitcom, The Jing.

Let Mandarin9 Be Your Guide To Chinese Culture, Language And Social Norms.

We offer a comprehensive program to aid in your Chinese education including:

The Jing TV Show

A sitcom series original created and produced by Mandarin9. Integrating the life and culture of Beijinger's, the customs and culture of China, and current social situations. 

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Workbooks with Videos

12 Volumes will help you master Mandarin Chinese systematically. They each contain practical dialogue and follow the standard curriculum based on HSK.

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Online Tutoring

We provide affordable video conference lessons in private and small group settings so you can practice perfecting your intonation with a native speaker.

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Learn to Speak Mandarin With The Proper Intonation From Day One.

Chinese is a tonal language, which makes it seem difficult to native English speakers. With the guidance and thorough explanations of our instructors, you will be impressed with how fast you can learn.


Video Lessons

English native language explanation makes concepts easier to understand. Native Chinese pronunciations will help you perfect your accent and intonation. The videos are long enough to give you quality instruction, and short enough to view anywhere.


12 Volumes of textbooks for a comprehensive learning experience available for digital download. You can master Mandarin Chinese systematically with ease.

Audio Clips

Throughout the workbook, you'll see QR Codes for scannable links to access the supplementary audio files to help you with your lesson.

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Learn With The Mandarin9 Episodes Of "The Jing"

Learning can be as easy as following along with a TV show right on your
computer, tablet, or phone.

What is "The Jing" and who is it for?

The Jing is a sitcom created by Mandarin9 to help everyone learn to speak Mandarin and understand Chinese culture. It follows Will as he experiences real world situations and has real life dialogues.

  • Each episode teaches new grammar and vocabulary in context as the characters go about their day. Teaching language and culture together to heighten understanding.
  • The written companion has new words and dialogues written in Hanzi, Pinyin, and English, as well as QR codes that link to companion audio files for an even greater learning experience.
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