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For Mandarin9 Textbooks - 12 Volumes.

To reach fluency, the ideal amount of hours you should put in is 4-6 hours per week, for two years.

 IF you are taking online tutor lessons, that includes a preview before each lesson, 2-3 hours tutoring time per week, and some practice after that.

 IF you are doing self-studying completely, it's essential to pay extra attention to all the video and audio materials, keep listening and repeat afterward. 

 For beginners, it takes a good amount of time to master Pinyin, but it will help you to build a good foundation and makes your future study easier.

As the level increases, the time to study each lesson will gradually increase as well, so it's important to keep yourself at a steady pace; persistence is always better than rushing to succeed.


This provides you a general idea, prior to reaching the advanced level. 

Volume 1,

New Recruit

Volume 2,


2 Lessons Per Week


Volume 3,


Volume 4,


1 Lesson Per Week


Volume 5,


Volume 6,


Volume 7,


1 Lesson Per Week


Volume 8,


Volume 9,


Volume 10,


2 Weeks Per Lesson


For Sitcom Series

The Jing – 4 Seasons

The Jing Series are the best way to practice listening and speaking skills. It will help you to build up daily phrases quickly while you're learning the Chinese culture from it. 

 For academic purposes, we strongly suggest you to finish Mandarin9 Textbook Volume 1-4 before you start Season 1's study.

Season 1 and Season 2 are great study companion materials for Volume 5-7;

Season 3 and Season 4 are great study companion materials for Volume 8-10. 

 However, if you're only interested in conversational Chinese, try mastering short daily phrases in the short term, while diving deeper into Chinese culture; The Jing is perfectly set up for you using this method.

 Booking a private lesson allows the tutor to make a customized study plan based on your own level of Chinese Language.

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